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Story Time with Beeeee!!!

Brynne is passionate about art, defining it is a form of communication from the artist(s) to the viewers. As an art therapist, I believes in the importance of building one’s strengths in order to foster resiliency. Since the Pandemic, Brynne has been virtually sharing her therapy children’s book collection with the world on her youtube channel. These storybook readings address mental health themes, such as accepting emotions, working with fear or anger, and connection. During her time in Edmonton, Brynne taught art at the Parkdale Cromdale Community League with CreArt. She engaged in the Kinnaird Ravine Trail mural project as an artist who worked alongside at-risk youth and other artists. This is where Brynne learned how art can bring a community together. Brynne resides in Vancouver, where she works as a Child and Youth Counselling Art Therapist at the nonprofit, Watari Counselling and Support Services. She believes in empowering individuals by nurturing their relationship with art so that they can, in time, support themselves through this creative and expressive process. Brynne makes art with many in her community, primarily those impacted by substances, trauma, the foster care system, migration.