Healing Through the Arts

Artists: Natasha Divina & Sarah Barerra

People have always used art to express their feelings and improve their well-being. What we have come to more deeply understand over time are the personal benefits of expressive arts. From a young age, we instinctively use drawing, painting or other expressive arts as a way to communicate, reduce stress and express emotions (Art Acacia, 2018). Children and teens are naturally creative. They continuously learn through play, relationships and their environment. All of us, no matter what age, need to have some way of expressing ourselves in order to maintain physical, emotional and mental health. Art can be a deeply integrative and healing process. This is widely discussed and is being utilized in many facets of society, such as health care, education, and in counselling therapy as in this TedxTalk Art as Empowerment: The Virtue of Art Therapy. Ann E. Lawton (2016) from the talk, asserts that “Art has the potential to heal, transform and empower individuals and communities.”

CreArt supports individuals, families and our community by providing free access to: 1) instruction, 2) mentorship, 3) safe virtual or physical spaces, 4) Instruments and materials. Here is one of CreArt’s Instructors, Kim, speaking about the arts and music. Kim teaches weekly violin lessons every Saturday from 11-2pm. Continuing to have outlets and opportunities to connect socially is a priority for many of us during this challenging time. Check out all the creative projects we are passionate about!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been affected by job loss, loss of relationships, decline in health and less connection to their communities. The structures and routines of our lives and relationships have changed and the impact of social isolation has been profound. One thing that was certain, and necessary, was the need to adapt to ongoing change. Learning to shift how we learn, work and live our daily lives demands flexibility and the capacity to pivot whether we expected to or not; to bend and move, and go with the flow.

Our plan for 2021 is to keep adapting and inviting our membership to join us in arts-based workshops and events throughout the year. We have seen first hand the wide-reaching positive impact that the arts can have, so we recognize how important it is to keep providing our members with access to arts-based programming.

How does Art heal?

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” -Pablo Picasso

Dare to be Seen

Art is a way of being

Without it we may have function

But we lack meaning

Art is timeless

Without it we tighten the noose

Begging unconsciousness

The need to express

Without it go through motions

Urges to suppress