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Starting on January 16, 2021
Wednesday Guitar lessons with Brendon Greene

-I began playing guitar in 1999 when I took lessons at Weed Music Ltd. I learned electric guitar, focusing on scales, open chords, barre chords, power chords, theory, composition, note reading, TAB, ear training, natural and artificial harmonics, proper posture to name a few aspects. I was given an opportunity to teach a few classes at Weed Music Ltd in 2004 because after 4 years my teacher had established that I was capable of teaching myself at this point and he recommended me. From there, I moved to Vancouver and worked for Long & McQuade as a teacher and the Vancouver School Board as a group teacher. I moved back to Alberta in 2011 and went back to Weed Music Ltd for 8 more years, teaching upwards of 40 lessons per week. -I started off with the electric guitar and acoustic guitar, learning popular rock songs, using a book called "The first 50 songs every guitar player should play". I later decided to challenge myself by picking up the classical guitar (which I use now) to try and play some of the most difficult songs in existence. I successfully learned and performed songs such as "Asturias" by Isaac Albeniz and Requerdos de la Alambra by Francisco Tarrega, and Gymnopedie 1 & 2 by Erik Satie. So now I play classical fingerstyle mostly because it challenges me, however, I still love good old rock music. I'm very flexible and am willing to taylor each lesson to the student.

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