Our community artists are community motivators, developers and hard-working members of society. They use their art and creativity to transform people, spaces and our communities. 


In order to spread CreArt in different areas of our city, we need a large group of volunteers in different capacities from the administration, marketing and communication to Artists in differents types

of art to teach and to create art

For every $50 dollar that you donate, we can develop another hour of the workshop to our communities for free. Also give as the opportunity to recognize, with an honorarium, some of the hours that our artists put in our communities. 



Recycle instruments, if you are not using your instrument at home and you donèt know what to do with it. CreArt give free instrument s away


When you donate your time or money to CreArt you are supporting expresion,creativity,community, critical thinking and the creation of better communities in our city. We strongly believe in the power of arts for social transformation


email at:​​

Mailing Address​

11325 83 street #116 NW, Edmonton Alberta 

T5B 4W5

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