CreArt has been functioning for the past 8 years at the Parkdale Cromdale Community League providing free music lessons for people of all ages, backgrounds, and neighborhoods. CreArt has been developing free Family Friendly Music Nights to showcase some of the talents in the community in a safe space where people can share with one another and build community connections. With 14 successful events in the past 4 years, CreArt means to continue to offer these services in the future.

CreArt consists of a broader vision and has extended its outreach to include graffiti and mural art, creative
writing, spoken word, mass media development and theater. In November 2015, CreArt developed the largest community outdoor art gallery in Alberta, with more 1900 square feet of art in the Kinnard Ravine area. This project consisted of contribution from Boyle Street Community Service, iHuman, Boyle Street Community League, Parkdale Cromdale Community League, Quarters Art, Bent Arrow, Nina Haggerty Center for the Arts, John Howard Society, Aerosol Academy, Heart of the City and local community artists. The plan is to extend the project to a 5 year scope, where the murals are changing every year, along with services to teach more about this art form.

In 2015, CreaArt developed a series of 8 theater workshops for homeless youth at Parkdale Cromdale Community League. The intention was to develop skills for a short film production with Boyle Street Community Service. The production City Embers will be released in the middle of 2016. Along with these accomplishments, CreArt initiated a number smaller projects which included creative writing and spoken word.

Future Projects


CreArt’s vision is to open and create new opportunities to engage more communities with the concept of free education in arts. CreArt believes that art is not a product, but rather an expression of ourselves, our community and reflection of society. CreArt makes its programs accessible to the general public in order to plant seeds in the community to allow artists to develop and grow. CreArt needs help to make this vision a reality. CreArt is seeking a symbiotic relationship with Heart Of The City, where Heart Of The City acts as an umbrella for continued engagements across the city. CreArt wants to open new spaces at Central McDougall, McCauley, and Boyle Street, with similar programs developed at Parkdale Cromdale Community League. Central McDougall provides an excellent opportunity to extend CreArt’s programs. MacCauley would like to develop the same programs along with another mural project at the Little Italy Community Garden with 15 murals developed by homeless youth. CreArt has facilitated workshops to develop theater skills for media projects at Boyle Street Community Service and wants to develop more opportunities for vulnerable people to get more access to free art programs. CreArt also wants to continue to grow our current Family Friendly Music Nights to incorporate more aspects of its programs for each community we are engaging.

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